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  • latexdeps (08/25/2016 09:02 PM)

    Manage external dependencies when building LaTeX documents.

    It's main use is to automate image conversion (e.g., generate an included PDF from a source SVG or Dia figure).

    Checkout: git clone https://code.gso.ac.upc.edu/git/latexdeps

  • Timed run: small infrastructure to time code (11/04/2015 03:38 PM)

    As an extra bonus, tries to automate the retrieval of statistically significant results.

  • pyfront (04/14/2015 07:39 PM)

    Easily and safely manage sub-processes and threads in python.

    Available on PyPi: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/front

  • QDBI SimPoint (03/03/2014 03:26 PM)

    A QDBI instrumentator to generate frequency vector profiles for SimPoint.

  • gem5 to McPAT converter (10/31/2013 03:51 PM)

    Small application to convert gem5 results into an input file suitable for McPAT.

    Checkout: git clone https://code.gso.ac.upc.edu/git/gem5-mcpat

    Warning: Please do not contact me to fix the script to work with your latest version of the stats.txt format....